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Page 14

Aircraft and Equipment Choices

Its always tempting to rush out and buy that first model before you have checked in with a club. Its best if you can wait, but if if its already too late and Father Christmas has already been don’t fear we’ll do our best to get you in the air. The temptation is often to opt for something ‘sporty’ or ‘your favourite Spitfire. Model aircraft often exhibit many characteurstistcs of their full-size cousins. Thus, if the full size aircraft would need plenty of skill to fly, then so will the model. The best option is to talk to your instructor and other club members first, who will then be able to recommend something  suitable. Likewise, most instructors are able to loan the use of a trainer aircraft to get you going.

When it comes to making a choice one of the key decisions is Electric -using rechargeable batteries  or /IC (internal combustion) using fuel from a can. Each has its pros/cons, but the main points are that electric is more reliable and convenient -but can become very expensive at the larger sizes; IC engines are more traditional and offer the attraction of operating a ‘real’ engine. Many club members own a mix of electric & IC,

If you enjoy building and working with wood a traditional kit will be your choice. You will certainly feel a great sense of achievement when something you’ve created from a box full of wood flies successfully. You will learn many new skills and club members are always more than happy to carry you through the construction. The chief rules being:
Measure twice, cut once
Glue is for sticking things together and not for sticking things apart, the heaviest part of any plane is the bottle of glue.

ARTF (Almost Ready to Fix Fly)
You may not have the time or patience to home-build and will just want to get on with the flying experience. If so, the answer for you will be to choose from the vast range of ARTF kits you will find at the model shop. These are virtually complete including the covering and decoration and will just need a few hours work for final assembly and fitting the radio equipment. If you want to avoid any kind of assembly you will also find completely ready to fly aircraft at the model shop. These will be smaller than the traditional kits and ARTFs, but they will still offer the flying experience and can be great fun.

Radio Control
You will need some radio equipment. Modern sets are very reliable and recent
developments have completely overcome the risk of one transmitter interfering with
another. You will find a wide range to choose from and your model shop will be the best
place to go for advice.

The hobby is constantly changing as new technology is developed. A new modeller will
certainly never be bored.
If you are interested then please contact us.