Horam Model Flying Club 
(Uckfield & District)
BMFA Affiliation No. 0673
Page 14
Page 14
Site Operating Rules as at 24 July 2015.

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15. Models must not be taxied between pits and flight lines.

16. Before moving onto the runway, pilots must ‘clear’ their intention to fly with those pilots already in the air.

17. Clear warnings must be given for take-off/ landing/ dead stick/ overshoot etc.

18. No flying may take place in the No-Fly Zones (as indicated on the site plan).  Pilots seen entering a No-Fly Zone must be alerted by the observer. The safety coordinator of the day shall be informed and take any necessary advisory action.
Aerobatics should only be flown to the left side of our field as viewed from the pits.

19. Members will be responsible for the control and safety of any accompanying guests, children or animals.  Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

20. No litter shall be left on the site, and all debris must be located and cleared away after a breakage.

21. No other activities other than flying of model aircraft may be carried out at the site by members or guests.

22. No person shall fly unless BMFA insurance is held and the membership secretary has been given a copy of the insurance certificate for his records.  It is the responsibility of the club member who invites a guest to ensure that the guest has BMFA Insurance. A guest may fly at the site on no more than two occasions during the year.

23. All incidents must be reported to a club committee member as soon as possible following the event.

         And Finally....
                .... Remember to have fun, be safe, and be responsible!